Why I’m giving our female staff a (paid) day off for International Women’s Day

Shifting Responsibility: Men’s Role in Dismantling Gender Inequality


For International Women’s Day 2023, the ladies of Third Hemisphere did not get any pink cupcakes to mark the occasion this year.


Nor were they responsible for our yearly Third Hemisphere IWD editorial.


Instead, the men wrote the editorial, and the women enjoyed a well-deserved paid day off.


The daily struggle against sexist micro- and macro-aggressions is enough labour for women to take on already.


Because, let’s be clear. Gender inequality does not result from an unknown force working to the detriment of women and just so happening to privilege men.


Men are actively benefiting from gender inequality, and have also largely created and reinforced it over many hundreds of years. So finding a solution to this problem is thoroughly the responsibility of men.


You can read more in my own (super) short and sweet editorial on Women’s Agenda, quickly explaining why it’s high time more men perform more of the labour when it comes to dismantling gender equality.