OMG extends pre-IPO to $17.5m due to record growth; acquires Cannon Trading

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Trading and wealth management infrastructure fintech OMG has extended its pre-IPO raise to $17.5 million to support continued record growth.

OMG’s Growth and Strategic Enhancements




The majority of funds were derived from sophisticated investor clients of OMG’s B2B arm, Openmarkets, and its retail trading product, Opentrader, and the remainder from existing investors.


This level of demand from investment professionals, whose fingers are firmly on the pulse of capital markets, indicates strong confidence in OMG’s ability to provide the markets infrastructure for Australia’s best investment professionals and trading companies.


OMG has also acquired equities markets-specialist tech & API developer, Cannon Trading (Cannon), which is pivotal to the achievement of OMG’s vision of integration and open architecture.


The acquisition took OMG from a 40 percent to 100 percent ownership stake of Cannon, in a move that will significantly shore up OMG’s technology stack through Cannon’s market-leading APIs.


It also secures OMG’s relationships with Cannon customers such as SelfWealth, Superhero, and Sixpark, consolidating OMG’s market leadership in the open API and trading infrastructure sector.


In addition to the new best-of-breed APIs acquired via Cannon, OMG also recently upgraded its back-office system for both domestic and international markets via global fintech GBST, delivered as a managed cloud solution.


GBST’s clients include top tier global investment banks and major Australian retail banks, and more than 60 percent of all ASX trading activity is processed through GBST’s systems.


As a result, OMG’s tech stack now extends from KYC and onboarding, to CRM, managed accounts, and order and risk management and execution, with global capabilities.


In the past month OMG also made a number of senior appointments, including Volatility Funds Management chairman, Michael Fagan (OMG’s new Derivatives Specialist) and former Head of Product at Stan, Klaas Raajmakers (Chief Product Officer).


It also nabbed a selection of former senior Pershing staff, including Scott Anderson (Head of Relationships), Phil de Hennin (Head of Equity Finance), Steve Graham (Equities Operations Manager), and Ian Tran (Head of Execution).


The capital injection combined with the acquisition, back office technology upgrade, and senior management hires will all support OMG’s ability to service record growth experienced throughout 2021, which it expects to continue into 2022.

OMG’s Extended Pre-IPO and Vision for Growth




Ivan Tchourilov, CEO of OMG, said:
“We decided to extend our pre-IPO due to continued record growth in trading volume, customers, and revenue throughout 2021.


“This additional growth capital is a clear demonstration of the continued support we are receiving from the capital markets, and the belief in our ability to build massive value for our shareholders and clients.


“Our focus is on building globally scalable markets platform technology, leaving specialist and more niche software to companies such as GBST (while benefiting from their economies of scale). Our approach is designed to create better and broader infrastructure that is more economic and resilient.”


“Our provision of robust and globally-scalable trading and wealth management infrastructure tech allows us to more cost-effectively connect fintechs to markets, and intermediaries not just to markets but a range of integrated technology solutions to optimise their businesses.


“This will ultimately allow us to connect global consumers to affordable and specialist investing solutions by linking them into our marketplace, OMG’s wealth ecosystem.”


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OMG: Transforming Trading and Wealth Management






OMG is an Australian, independent trading and wealth management fintech, providing a full suite of technologies and market infrastructure to investment professionals and connecting consumers with investment and advice.


OMG consists of two enterprises:


  • Openmarkets is one of Australia’s largest retail brokers and provides technology solutions across wholesale execution, order and risk management, advice, and CRM, enabling investment professionals to connect to markets and deliver white-labelled services for their customers.


  • Opentrader is Australia’s most competitive self-directed retail trading platform for professional traders and those who want to trade like a professional; from only $5 per trade.