Why leaders opening up about trauma can be incredibly powerful


Exploring Vulnerability and Trauma Sharing in the Workplace


In my latest editorial for Women’s Agenda, I dive into vulnerability and trauma sharing in the workplace.


Drawing from my own experiences, I write about how vulnerability can be an empowering and inspiring journey for leaders and their teams. Under the right conditions and in a safe space, it can be an opportunity to create powerful moments of connection and inspiration, de-stigmatise what should be normally accepted situations, and bring to the fore issues that are often swept under the rug.


Just as importantly, I highlight situations where opening up may not be the preferred option and why this is absolutely okay.


In the end, we all have different levels of comfort when it comes to sharing. We also carry different levels of privilege that may make speaking up a little easier for some, but harder for others. Not all of us need to be advocates.


But those who are in a position to open up and speak out can do a lot for those who can’t.


You can read the entire piece here.