‘Impact X Summit Sydney 2022’ confirms 1k+ participants and 60+ major partners

10 Nov 2022, Sydney: Australia’s largest climate-focussed summit, the Impact X Summit Sydney 2022, has confirmed over 1,100 participants, including 150+ speakers, 200+ climate tech founders, and 60+ major partners, as momentum builds for more urgent, concrete, and measurable action on climate change in Australia.


The three-day global conference follows an announcement by Chris Bowen MP on Australia’s intention to bid to co-host COP31 in 2026, with many Summit speakers planning to use their Summit platform to advocate for accelerated action towards net zero using an Australian COP as the catalyst to drive significantly more collaboration, action, and investment.

Third Hemisphere Executive Director for Strategy & Finance Jeremy Liddle

Third Hemisphere Executive Director for Strategy & Finance Jeremy Liddle was co-MC for the event.


Corporate partners signed up to the Impact X mission firmly believe businesses deserve a platform to both accelerate and demonstrate meaningful action on climate change.


These include Principal Partners (Citi and Arup), Lead Partners (Microsoft, ANZ, Amazon Web Services, Bain & Company, Accenture, WSP, Sydney Water, South Pole, International Universities Climate Alliance, Investible, and Tusstar) and Supporting Partners, including among others Third Hemisphere, Investment NSW, CEFC, Arena, DocuSign, and Australian Ethical.


The sheer size and influence of these partners, united towards a common goal of accelerating Australia’s achievement of net zero, is testament to a strong and growing shift within the business community towards both advocacy and action on achieving net zero.


Jennifer Westacott, Chief Executive, Business Council Australia said: ““COP31 will be an opportunity for Australian businesses that are leading on climate action to showcase their innovation, ingenuity, and investment.Businesses look forward to working with government to secure hosting rights to COP31, and I’m looking forward to participating in the ImpactX summit to keep our momentum going.”


Nicky Sparshott, CEO Unilever Australia said: “We welcome the announcement and encourage all Australians to get behind the bid. If Australia is serious about hosting COP31, then we need all groups – across government, businesses and the community – to step up ambition as well as take real action to revive our global reputation in this space while supporting our neighbours in the Pacific. We have an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that Australia has the natural resources, capability, and technological expertise to take the lead on the transition towards net zero.”


Tony Gourlay, Impact X co-founder and CEO, said: “It’s been incredibly promising to see the rapid growth in support for climate action by Australian big business over the past few years. Hosting COP31 in Australia will create more momentum for Australian business and industry to accelerate energy transition and net zero transformation, and demonstrate action and leadership between now and 2026. Bidding, and potentially even winning, would significantly catalyse all our major stakeholders in their own climate action goals, many of whom will be at the Impact X Summit.”


Keith Tuffley, Citi Vice Chairman, Global Co-Head, Sustainability & Corporate Transitions, said: “Australia’s bid to host COP 31 demonstrates a shift in tone from the government, and provides a catalyst for the local private sector to step-up the transition to a net zero economy. While I believe the business world has the resources, innovative spirit and drive to tackle climate problems head-on, success will only be possible through innovative collaboration across the political, business, and community spheres”


Tristram Carfrae RDI, Arup Deputy Chair, said: “I welcome the Australian Government’s announcement to bid for COP31 in 2026, along with its Pacific Nations partners. COP meetings provide an opportunity for all parties to agree on the decisive actions required to mitigate global warming, adapt to climate change, and create a regenerative future where all species can thrive.An Australian COP reinforces the Government’s commitment to renewable energy and to accelerate decarbonisation.


“Engineers have a critical role to play in developing new technologies and empowering future focused industries that enable an equitable energy transition, but also in creating greater resilience and developing the nature-based solutions and nature positive outcomes required to reverse biodiversity loss and restore our natural environment.”


Event Details


The Impact X Summit Sydney 2022 ran from 9th to 11th November 2022 at the International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour.


It hosted industry workshops to solve specific problem statements in the sectors of Energy, Transport & Infrastructure, Industry & Manufacturing, Built Environment, and Agriculture & Land use, as well as offer live streams from COP27 in Egypt.


You can download the draft agenda here, and notable speakers and moderators include:

  • Ticky Fullerton, Editor-at-Large at The Australian Business Review

  • Paul Smith, Technology Editor at the Australian Financial Review

  • Sarah O’Carroll, Editor-in-Chief at Forbes Australia

  • Jennifer Westacott AO, CEO of Business Council of Australia

  • Nicky Sparshott, CEO of Unilever Australia & New Zealand

  • Keith Tuffley, Vice Chairman, Global Co-Head, Sustainability & Corporate Transitions at Citi

  • Tristram Carfrae RDI, Arup Deputy Chair

  • Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of WWF-Australia

  • Simon O’Connor, CEO at Responsible Investment Association Australasia

  • Dr Paul Hawken, founder of Project Drawdown & Project Regeneration