Advancing Advocacy and Leadership: Gender Equality and Financial Equity

Systemic barriers such as social constructs perpetuating financial and other gender disparities, continue to reinforce a gender-unequal society.



Our founder and CEO, Hannah Moreno, recently engaged in a thought-provoking dialogue on this topic with Jenny Rolfe-Wallace on the It’s Not About The Money Podcast. Together, they explored the intersections of advocacy and leadership in dismantling these inequalities within the Australian context.


Empowering Conversations for Change


The conversation highlighted the transformative power of everyday discussions and collaborative efforts in driving societal change. Everyone has a sphere of influence, regardless of their position on the career ladder, including within their social and familial contexts.


Diversity: A Catalyst for Success


Recognising the importance of amplifying marginalised voices and embracing intersectionality emerged as essential strategies towards fostering inclusivity and equality. The discussion also emphasised the undeniable correlation between diversity and organisational success. Beyond enhancing financial performance, embracing diversity serves as a robust risk mitigation tool, safeguarding reputation and fostering resilience against media scrutiny.


Confronting Unconscious Biases: A Path to Personal Growth


Confronting unconscious biases, though uncomfortable, was underscored as imperative for personal development and societal progress. By challenging our own limited perspectives, we pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future, and deeply broaden our own understanding of a variety of issues and perspectives.


It’s a Marathon: Embracing Self-Care and Community Support


Recognising the toll of advocating for social justice, the importance of self-care and seeking solace within supportive communities was highlighted. While engaging in uncomfortable conversations is crucial, nurturing one’s well-being is equally essential for sustained activism.


A Call for Inclusive Action

The conversation underscored the universal impact of patriarchal and oppressive systems, emphasising the need for diverse voices to unite in the fight for equality and inclusion – especially men. By embracing discomfort and expanding our perspectives, we unlock a world of personal growth and collective advancement.

Join the Conversation


In conclusion, as we confront unconscious biases and advocate for change, let us embrace discomfort as a catalyst for growth. Together, let us embark on the journey towards a more equitable future, where diversity is celebrated, inclusion is prioritised, and gender equality is no longer an aspiration but a reality.