Gelion (AIM:GELN) acquires IP for “world’s best battery”

Calls for National Battery Strategy to lead with Aussie tech and manufacturing

Global renewable energy storage innovator Gelion (AIM:GELN) has acquired the intellectual property for lithium-silicon-sulfur (LiSiS) battery technology from the University of Sydney, in its bid to build the world’s best battery and make Australia a renewable energy super power.


LiSiS offers a pathway to a superior battery technology due to its ability to increase safety, improve performance, lower costs, and potentially shorten the industry’s pathway to batteries with ultra high energy-to-weight ratio.

These high gravimetric energy density batteries would enable electric vehicles to travel further, and open up next-generation applications like electric aviation.

The low-cost sulfur cathode is more stable at higher temperatures than traditional lithium cathodes making it a safer battery, less susceptible to thermal runaway which can cause fires and explosions.

Gelion’s IP includes additives that capture polysulfides at the cathode extending battery cycle life, rather than have the polysulfides reach the anode and reduce the battery life prematurely.

It is anticipated that the LiSiS technology will offer Gelion an expedited pathway to commercialisation because it can be largely integrated alongside standard lithium battery production processes.

This is compared to other options like solid-state battery technology (solid electrolyte) which would involve significant additional costs.

The acquisition adds breadth to Gelion’s current offering, which already includes zinc-bromide battery technology for stationary energy storage applications.


John Wood CEO of Gelion client of Sydney tech PR firm Third Hemisphere

Gelion CEO John Wood


It is the type of technology initiative that can also help to maximise the opportunity from Australia’s strong position in academic battery research and natural resources as is the objective that is behind the Federal Government establishing a National Battery Strategy, according to Gelion.


John Wood, CEO of Gelion, said: “Australia produces world-class battery research, and is a leader in mining and supply of battery minerals. Batteries are becoming a major determinant in the strategic and economic competitiveness of nations. The highest value add for a nation is in the layer above extraction and research that combines process technologies to produce the leading performance batteries.


“Technologies like the LiSiS battery offer Australia the ability to shift beyond its current position as a world leader in battery research, and become a leader in high performance battery development and manufacturing.


“In these times where leading technologies are increasingly being controlled for strategic and economic benefit, it would be high risk for Australia to rely only on importing batteries or licensing technologies from overseas for local manufacture.

“So it would be a healthy addition to the proposed National Battery Strategy to include a specific mandate that we should be manufacturing Australian developed advanced battery technologies in Australia.


“The good news is that technology like Gelion’s new LiSiS battery additives, when combined with other exciting new Australian-owned battery IP, present a clear opportunity for Australia to become a renewable energy super power, manufacturing the world’s best batteries on home soil, and then supplying this to the world.


“If we get the National Battery Strategy right, this could create billions of dollars of economic value and thousands of jobs. This is what we will be recommending to the government in our response to the request for industry input.”



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Gelion: Leading Renewable Energy Storage Innovator


Gelion (“gel: ion”, is a global renewable-energy storage innovator. By designing and manufacturing the world’s best batteries for stationary and mobile energy, we support the transition to a sustainable economy while delivering value for customers and investors.


About Gelion plc


Gelion (“gel: ion”) is a global renewable-energy storage innovator who supports the transition to a sustainable economy while delivering value for its customers and investors by designing and manufacturing zinc-bromide batteries for stationary energy storage and additives for mobile battery applications.


Mobile storage – Tomorrow’s transport systems will rely on mobile renewable energy. Gelion is developing performance additives with the aim of improving the safety, longevity and energy density of lithium-based batteries for mobile applications. Using nanotechnology, Gelion’s lithium-silicon sulfur additives will help power the EV and e-aviation markets.


Stationary storage – Gelion Endure: the sustainable energy storage solution.


Gelion has developed patented technology for a breakthrough zinc-bromide battery to support the transition to a carbon neutral economy by 2050. The technology is being developed with the goal of establishing Gelion Zinc Bromide as a logical participant in the ecosystem of suppliers, manufacturers and customers surrounding lead acid technology.


Gelion’s zinc-bromide gel battery uses non-flow technology, which is scalable, can deliver 100% depth of discharge, and has potential for higher temperature tolerance and longer duration discharge than lead-acid batteries.


Gelion was spun-out from the University of Sydney in 2015 by Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and recipient of the Australian Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation 2020, that country’s highest honour for scientific entrepreneurship.


The Company’s ESG credentials are strongly aligned to six of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Gelion’s shares are listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and it received the Green Economy Mark at IPO in November 2021 recognising its commitment to energy transition.