Siloed Thinking Risks Undermining Albanese’s Vision: Cicada Innovations

Cicada Innovations, a leading Australian tech incubator and organiser of the Tech23 festival warns that the Albanese government’s Future Made in Australia Act may fail unless the country overcomes its “siloed” mindset. Sally-Ann Williams, Cicada’s CEO, emphasises the importance of a collaborative approach for start-ups to thrive, citing success stories like Tetratherix and Agscent, which have benefited from cross-industry collaboration.


Cicada Innovations - Made in Australia
Dr Sally Anne Williams – CEO of Cicada Innovations

Williams stresses that achieving the goals of the Future Made in Australia Act requires breaking down barriers between different sectors and fostering a systemic approach to tackle global challenges. Main Sequence’s Elaine Stead also highlights the critical role of a supportive ecosystem in transforming scientific solutions into impactful companies.

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