BindiMaps and Guide Dogs Victoria Transforming Accessibility at Kew Campus

BindiMaps is revolutionising accessibility at Guide Dogs Victoria’s Kew Campus, aiming to create the world’s first fully accessible sensory campus. Partnering with Guide Dogs Victoria, BindiMaps utilizes advanced navigation technology—Bluetooth beacons and smartphone sensors—to assist visitors, especially those with disabilities, in navigating indoor spaces effortlessly. CEO Dr. Anna Wright emphasises the app’s universal benefit, enhancing navigation for all users, not just those with disabilities.


BindiMaps CEO Anna Wright, launching navigation technology aiding accessibility at Guide Dogs Victoria's Kew Campus
Dr. Anna Wright, CEO of BindiMaps, holding a Guide Dogs Victoria puppy, symbolising their partnership in enhancing accessibility at Kew Campus.

Currently raising $4 million to expand nationally and internationally, BindiMaps has already made strides at airports and public events, enhancing accessibility across Australia. Last year, Sunshine Coast Airport became the first to install BindiMaps, setting a precedent for accessibility in air travel.


Guide Dogs Victoria CEO Nicky Long highlights the app’s role in ensuring seamless navigation through text, map, or audio guidance, contributing to their vision of an inclusive campus environment. The campus, renowned for its 250 guide dogs assisting the community, aims to welcome thousands annually with enhanced accessibility features.

To read how BindiMaps is transforming indoor navigation and accessibility, click here to read the full article.



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